Income Property

What is it?

A property that has 2 or more doors which can be rented out individually. Options in this investment class include duplex, triplex and multiplex.


  • Having more than one tenant gives you higher income
  • Low risk given that if one unit is vacant, the others will offset the vacancy


  • Active investment compared to other investment types
  • Bigger reserve fund needed for repairs and maintenance
  • Managing of more than one tenant
  • Typical cost of entry: $130,000

148 Main Street, St.Catherines

The Real Estate Centre, is proud to have put under contract a fantastic opportunity for Joint Venture amongst our fellow investors.

We are looking to raise 50% of the purchase price, to close on this exiting property.

We have a 12 unit Multi Residential property, in the heart of Port Dalhousie, which is the most desirable neighborhood in St. Catharine’s.


  • Six Two-Bedroom, Five One-Bedroom and One Bachelor Suite.
  • On Site surface parking, in building common laundry facilities.
  • Huge upside to increase rents, almost 20% below market on current rent roll.
  • Due Diligence is active from February 5th to March 5th.
  • Minimum contribution to participate is $50,000
  • Eligibility- Cash ONLY
  • Security- Direct Equity and Shares of Corporation on Title.

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