Mortgage and Equity

What is it?

Deals in this asset class include lending in the Private Mortgage space, Syndicated Mortgages and Land Development Capital Raises.

Includes REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), MICs (Mortgage Investment Corporations) and Private Construction Loans and Equity.


  • Passive investment
  • Ability to choose some or all of the terms of your lending
  • Registered fund eligibility gives you a tremendous opportunity to control and grow your RSP portfolio (RRSP-LIRA-RIF-TFSA)


  • Capital is not liquid for the duration of term
  • May or may not have monthly or annual dividends
  • Typical cost of entry: $30,000

Syndicated Mortgage Opportunity – Logan Lofts

Landmark Capital has just released their latest deal in Leslieville, in Toronto. This boutique neighborhood in the south eastern part of the Toronto core is second to none when it comes to real estate opportunities and community services from schools to restaurants and everything in between.


  • Mixed use with residential and boutique retail on ground floor
  • Current office building on site is generating approx. $350,000 per year.
  • Term- 24 months* (Maturity is January 2020) with possible 12 month extension.
  • Rate- 8% annual fixed rate of return, paid quarterly
  • Bonus- 2% annual fixed rate of return, paid upon project completion
  • Eligibility- Cash ONLY Left
  • Security- Principal secured via mortgage charge on property

Equity Investment Opportunity – TREF

The Transit Real Estate Fund (TREF) is growing.  The team has just closed on another Multiplex and is expecting tremendous growth in 2018.  In only three months, TREF has closed on TWENTY doors.  An assembly, a site geared development is going to be into the portfolio by the end of March.

RSSP season is here, be sure to get yourself all details surrounding HOW TO get on board the “Fund that is Growing Places”.


  • Invests in existing, positive cash flow multi residential buildings near Transit.
  • Growth via improvements to buildings, rent increases, efficiency in property management.
  • Term – Five Years.
  • No interest payment distribution; cash flow reinvested in properties for more aggressive growth to the portfolio.
  • Bonus – 1.5% Early Investment Bonus until March 31st, 2018*.
  • Eligibility – Cash, RRSP, all registered vehicles; TFSA, LIRA, RIF, etc.
  • Security – Investor owns shares of all assets proportionate to their investment.

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