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The Real Estate Centre has been helping people buy, sell and invest in real estate for over 25 years now and very early on we realized that those people we helped generally had the same questions and concerns.They were nervous on where and how to start but thirsty for knowledge and this is the motivation behind the REC Experience.

Through our interviews with experts, roundtable discussions, quick tips, and the odd rant, we hope to provide you with the answers to the many questions you have and perhaps even inspire you to dream big - from real estate, to owning & running a business, being an entrepreneur, being SUCCESSFUL, and more.

While we strive to lead with education, all we hope from you in return is your feedback, your questions, topics you’d like to see covered, and guests you’d like us to have.

We hope to bring you value. Thank you for listening.

REC Podcast - Season 2

Episode 7 – “State of the Union”

We touch base with our network of realtors for detailed information on specific markets across Southern Ontario. Learn how the pricing of your home stacks up compared to London, Simcoe, Durham, Ottawa, Kitchener-Waterloo, and the GTA. Special thanks to Mike Heddle, Justin Konikow, Steve Bailey, Keith Williams, and Tony Miller for joining us.

Episode 6 – “Grit 2 Glory”

In this week's podcast, Jas takes a trip down memory lane while speaking with high school friend and business owner Jason Faulknor. Jason talks about the successes he had as a semi-professional basket player, overcoming some of life's disappointments, his new clothing line, Spread Love, and his motivation behind giving back to the community.

Laura drags Jas to the gym to interview Laura's personal trainer Jamil Abdalla. Jamil tells us about his life as a teenager and how those experiences catapulted him into becoming a heavyweight bodybuilder at the young age of 23. He talks about the importance of being active from both a physical and mental perspective and the driving force behind opening and operating his own gym.

Episode 5 – “Ryan Serhant sits down with REC”

In this Million Dollar Interview, star of Bravo's hit TV Shows Million Dollar Listing and Sell It Like Serhant, and New York City's top real estate agent, Ryan Serhant shares his story on how he got into the business, his motivation behind becoming the #1 realtor in the world, his strategies for leading his team, and his tips on how to become a luxury agent.

Episode 4 – “#RECreads | Jas' Thoughts on Entrepreneurship”

Tom Best, Executive Director of First Book Canada tells his story on how he came to work with this charity, the details of their initiative, the importance of the work, and touches on REC's collaboration moving forward.

REC Experience turns the tables around and Laura, Director of REC, interviews Jas, host of the show and Managing Partner of REC, on his story to becoming a realtor and business owner, his strategy on managing a team, his philosophy on building and growing a business, and the importance of adopting the mindset of "Ready, Fire, Aim".

Episode 3 – “Executive Furnished Rentals | Why Staging is a No Brainer”

Michelle White, President and owner of Today Living Group shares her path to success, fears and obstacles she had to overcome, why Executive Furnished Rentals are a unique and lucrative investment option, and how Today Living Group makes the process completely hands off. Annie Caya, Owner of Home Designs Staging Group, talks to us about the importance of staging when selling your home, the difference between a stager and decorator, areas of the property to focus on, why you should depersonalize the space, your potential return, and tips should you want to try to do this on your own.

Episode 2 – “Brad Lamb - Our Most Candid Interview Yet”

We join Brad J Lamb, Broker and Developer, to discuss his reasons for getting into real estate, what led him to open his own brokerage, his strategy for running a business and a team, his thoughts on the Toronto Real Estate Market, why he’s investing in Hamilton, and current developments he has on the go.

Episode 1 – “Ice Cream Shop | Book Launch | Renting Out Condos”

Real Estate Centre Senior Partners, Jas and Simeon, and Director, Laura, share their updates from the last 4 weeks, including: the most up-to-date market stats, recent business ventures, book publishing, plans for Season 2, and their recent experience on closing their personal investment property.

REC Podcast - Season 1

Episode 17 – “Oh Canada!”

President and CEO of Royal LePage Canada, Phil Soper, speaks with our host about the current state of the Canadian Real Estate Market, specifically what’s happening in our biggest markets, Vancouver and Toronto. Soper then goes on to describe why and how “Peak Millennials” are having such an impact on these markets and what we can expect for the remainder of the year.

For more information contact: info@reccanada.com

Episode 16 – “Buying from a Blueprint”

Executive Producer of The Real Estate Centre Audio Experience and Director of Sales, Laura Stewart, joins host, Jas, to discuss all things pre-built. They explain the importance of building your All-Star team up front, buying in the early stages of sales, things to consider when purchasing pre-construction, how much money can be made as an investor, and what you can expect when signing at the sales centre.

Episode 15 – “Scotch and Real Estate”

Good friend and client, Paul Bola, and Host, Jas Takhar, talk about Paul’s journey to investing in real estate while reviewing 2 different glasses of Scotch. He speaks candidly about the importance of creating an All-Star team upfront, how he views the Southern Ontario Market, his very first investment and overcoming his fears, his successes up until now, and his strategy going forward.

For more information contact: info@reccanada.com

Episode 14 – “Partnering With A Developer”

D’Arcy McConvey, Director at Greybrook Realty Partners joins us in the studio to discuss what it is that Greybrook does, how and why they choose projects to invest in, the process of investing in one of their projects, and the multiple ways in which you as an investor can get involved.

Episode 13 – “Mom and Dad, I’m Moving Out”

Managing Partner of The Real Estate Centre and Host of this Podcast, Jas Takhar, speaks to first time home buyers. He discusses the benefits of getting into the market, the importance of creating an All-Star Team, how to approach house hunting, what expenses you should factor into your budget, and some of the rebates you can apply for.

Episode 12 – “Peeling Back The Curtains”

On today’s show, Simeon Papailias, Managing Partner of The Real Estate Centre, joins us again to discuss all that the team has been up to in the last 30 days, including filming TV Shows and starting a YouTube Channel. He also discusses the reason behind why our team is structured like a law firm and what you will gain by becoming a Real Estate Centre Insider.

Episode 11 – “Inspector Gadget”

Expert Garry Heard, President of GDHI and certified master home inspector, talks to Jas about the role of a home inspector, what they look for, when to get an inspector involved in both the buying and selling process, and some of the common misconceptions in the industry.

Episode 10 – “The Human Calculator”

Special guest, Shaun Hildebrand, Senior Vice President from Urbanation, provides us with an in depth look at the recent data surrounding condominium sales in the Greater Toronto Area. He touches on pre-construction, resale and rental trends, and its impact on the overall housing market.

Episode 9 – “The Dog Ate My Homework”

Charles Jaque, Director of Sales & Marketing at Milborne Group, goes into detail on one of the investment types we briefly discussed in “Where Can I Put My Money?” and that’s Student Housing. Host, Jas Takhar, chats with him about the benefits of investing in Licenced Student Housing, the cost of entry and a few important items to consider when dealing with students.

Episode 8 – “Speaker's Corner”

Managing Partner and host of the Audio Experience, Jas Takhar summarizes and answers listener's questions from the last 7 podcasts.

Episode 7 – “I Wonder Who the New Neighbours Are?”

Sam Hewitt, Manager of Realtor Development at Royal LePage Signature tells us the reasons to use a realtor when buying or selling a home, what type of service you should be able to expect and the commission charge and most importantly, when interviewing realtors the types of questions you should ask.

Episode 6 – “Honey did you call the Lawyer?”

Good friend Shawn Dandiwal of RZCD Law Firms explains to listeners why they need a Real Estate Lawyer when buying or selling a property, what a lawyer does the week of closing including title search, common issues he experiences that can potentially derail a sale, and the documents that need to be reviewed when buying a condo both resale or pre-construction.

Episode 5 – “$24,000 in HST?”

Many investors are not even aware that they can apply for an HST rebate. Expert, Jeffrey Lemos from HST Relief Rebates and Loans, talks to us about when HST is applied to a purchase, who is eligible to apply for a rebate and the process of submitting an application. Listen in to hear how you can potentially save yourself between $16,000 and $29,000.

Episode 4 – “Mortgage Schmortgage”

Special guest, Alan Kiddell, Senior Vice President of Dominion Lending – Edge Financial, talks about the process of getting a mortgage, how interest rates are determined, terms of a mortgage, the benefits and considerations of a fixed vs. variable mortgage, the new B20 rules and their impact on Canadians, and the role of a mortgage broker and why you should have one on your team, especially when investing.

Episode 3 – “Where can I put my Money?”

This podcast describes in detail, the options available to you for investing in real estate, as well as the benefits and considerations for each type. Investment options include: pre-construction, income properties, student housing, joint venture, lease to own, equity and mortgage deals.

Episode 2 – “Your All-Star Team”

We discuss the importance of working with experienced professionals when buying, selling or investing in real estate.

Episode 1 – “Even in the Washroom”

Business partners, Simeon and Jas, discuss the most frequently asked question they receive regarding real estate. They provide tips on how to filter through the media hype and what the current market statistics suggest for the Greater Toronto Area.


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